Trip Abroad

A permanent fixture in our events calendar is our annual trip abroad. Each year we visit a major European city to provide our members with an excellent opportunity to relax. As this trip is run in a de facto half term, it serves as the perfect break from studies, and is always extremely well received by those who attend. 


In 2022 we visited the capital city of Czech Republic, Prague exploring famous landmarks such as the Castle, and the Charles Bridge on our walking tour. We also provided a series of exciting nightlife opportunities and a bar crawl, visiting the 5 story nightclub!


Trip to London

In 2019 we ran an academic trip to London for finance and marketing students. Students were able to learn beyond their curriculum and in a real-world context, to prepare them for future careers in their chosen subject areas. Students were split into separate finance and marketing groups, each with a timetable for the day.

The finance group first visited the Bank of England museum, where they could learn about the history of the UK banking system, in addition to enriching their knowledge of key economic concepts. Thereafter, they received a guided tour of Canary Wharf. Meanwhile, the marketing group explored the Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising, before being invited for a presentation and workshop at the office of Merkle Inc, a leading worldwide marketing company, which offered an insight into the realities of a career in marketing.