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Our fantastic Finance and Marketing trip to our Capital, London- Olivia Whiting

As Trip Secretary for the Business Society this academic year, I am excited to share with you my first trip of the year on Friday 9th of November to… London!

The day trip was split into finance and marketing based activities, each group had 15 members. The marketing trip consisted of visiting the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising which highlighted the changes in these activities overtime, before visiting an elite marketing company in the heart of the city in the afternoon. For the finance group, I planned a visit to the Bank of England Museum in the morning and a fascinating private tour of Canary Wharf in the afternoon.

Coach hire for transport to and from London was generously paid for by Norwich Business School, arranged by Helen Mounser. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for their support with this trip and with the society in general.

Marketing Trip

The first activity, visiting the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in NottingHill highlighted the development of brands, packaging and advertising from the Victorian period to today; it was really interesting to see the distinct transformation in colours, fonts and imagery. To ensure the trip was especially memorable I ordered 15 pre-assembled goody bags for members which included six items from their gift shop. Also, I printed worksheets from their website for members to complete when walking around particular sections of the museum to help them get more out of the experience.

In the afternoon, I wanted the group to visit a marketing agency in London to gain an insight into marketing in the real world, outside our lectures and textbooks. Lisa-Rose Moller(Career Central) connected me with Periscopix who kindly agreed to let us visit their office! With two recent UEA/NBS alumni currently working there, including Isabella Luba, it seemed the ideal choice! Firstly, Isabella and two other colleagues delivered a detailed 2-hour presentation about the company. The group was mesmerised by Periscopix previous marketing projects with brands such as The Body Shop and Warner Bros Pictures. The group took a real interest and made full use of the Q&A. Afterwards, Isabella gave the group a tour of the office, they have an open bar to socialise, a games room to relax and fresh fruit delivered to their desks every morning to keep healthy! It was refreshing to see a company that really values and takes care of their employees. The visit was inspiring, and I think anyone interested in a marketing career or graduate scheme should look them up!

Before heading home, the group decided to enjoy dinner together at Pizza Express to celebrate a great day in London and to discuss what was learnt during the day. The trip was successful and everyone enjoyed it!

Finance Trip

As well as visiting Bank of England Museum, I booked the group onto a private 15 minute ‘introduction’ presentation on arrival delivered by experts at the museum. The presentation outlines the history of The Bank of England and its work. Members really enjoyed the visit and learnt a lot!

The second part to this trip was a private two-hour tour of Canary Wharf from Insider London. The tour guide, Jeremy, was charismatic, fun and passionate which lifted everyone’s spirits and made the tour special. He taught the group a variety of things, including the different effects of private vs public investment in Canary Wharf and the conflict between Canary Wharf and the City of London. It was a valuable experience, and in particular the group enjoyed visiting the Canada Square.

Before heading home, the group also enjoyed dinner at Pizza Express to celebrate a great day in London whilst getting to know each other better. The trip was enthralling and everyone loved it!

I’d like to say thank you to the Business Society committee for helping me throughout the process when needed, and for supporting me on the day.

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