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My Summer Internship- Charlotte Whiting

Charlotte has been working over the summer as an intern at Nestlé Purina Wisbech. During her internship, she has been involved in the implementation of manufacturing excellence tools across the factory, before returning to Norwich Business School in September 2018 to complete her final year on her degree; BSc Business Management.

Before starting her internship at Nestle Purina Wisbech, Charlotte had exposure to the manufacturing process from 2 placements at Nestlé Purina’s Sudbury Factory. During her time there she had experience in supply chain and quality functions within the business.

We caught up with her and asked her the following questions.

Hi Charlotte, could you explain what you have been up to over summer?

Over the past 10 weeks I have been working within the Total Performance Management team at Nestlé Purina Wisbech factory.

My role has involved working closely alongside the TPM Co-ordinator to implement manufacturing excellence tools across the factory, with the goal of embedding an autonomous mind-set across working groups, specifically the autonomous maintenance working group. This approach to working has the ultimate aim of delivering Nestlé’s continuous excellence objectives in the short and long-term.

Why did you choose Nestlé?

Apart from enjoying the products Nestlé produce, I also chose Nestlé as I would like to have my career with the world’s most reputable leading nutrition, health and wellness company, to learn and develop competencies from leading experts.

I also believe many of my own personal values and way of working align with the businesses, feeling confident that this will impact my contribution and work ethic towards delivering my objectives.

What will you take with you from Nestlé that will impact your studies here in Norwich?

I have learnt an incredible amount in 10 weeks. Both functional competencies, as well as personal skills, such as communication, team work and the importance of developing continuously as an individual.

One thing I will take forwards with me at university, is the importance of defining roles and responsibilities and making individuals accountable for actions, especially in project work. I have observed the importance of accountability to deliver results and work towards long-term plans.

Any tips for students looking for internships next year?

Looking for an internship is not an easy process, and it took me a long while before I was offered this position. Do not let rejection defeat you, learn from any feedback companies give you and be resilient… you can do it!

My biggest piece of advice is to see your internship as a learning opportunity, so ask and take every opportunity you can to develop. Value your time as an intern as a trial period with the company to see if you align with their corporate values and working style, it is so important to enjoy being at work!

Also, do not let distance restrict opportunities which may be available to you. I have commuted daily to Wisbech from Norwich, driving over 5,500 miles this summer for work. Of course at points throughout my internship I have found it challenging, however, I feel this additional challenge has pushed me as a young person and will prepare me for future commutes to work, and distance will no longer be a restricting factor when applying for jobs after graduation.

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