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My Placement Year With ALDI

The following blog is the first in a series, which will see various employability related topics discussed, designed to promote the various opportunities on offer both within NBS and the wider UEA campus. We hope to inspire you to ‘Do Business, Do Better’ and accelerate your personal career, picking up some useful insight along the way.

My name is Bethany Kimber and I am a 3rd Year Business Management Student. During my second year here at UEA I decided I wanted to complete a year in industry. Having researched Industrial Placement programs, I decided to set my sights on ALDI’s Management program, one of the most competitive and highest regarded programs within the Retail and Management sector.

The Application Process

After completing the first application process, which consisted of an online application, a video application, and a telephone application. I then attended a group assessment, which was held in Bolton. Here you had to work as a team and have really researched ALDI as at the end of the group assessment they ask you specific questions about the company. After this there was then a final interview with the regional managing director.

No matter what placement year you apply for, most of them will take you through some of the application process above, if not all of. So be prepared to really do your homework on the company and be yourself.

How is it helping me in final year?

I can not recommend a placement year enough, no matter what company you apply for you will really get an understanding of how a company runs in the real world, whether it is a small company turning over a couple of million a year to a multi million pound company. Towards the latter half of my year with ALDI you get the chance to run a store for a couple of weeks and spend time on real life projects that impact the organisation.

Your presentation skills will benefit from completing a year in industry, after presenting to a room of over thirty Area Managers of all ages and a room of Directors a little presentation at uni does not seem so bad.

You will be able to manage your time better, after working a full working week it will seem easy returning to university and attending 12 hours of lectures and seminars a week. You will also find that you are much more focused on finishing university and getting back into earning a salary each month, rather than receiving student finance once a term.

Pilot Scheme for Placement Year In Industry

I was excited to hear that this year Norwich Business School 1st year students have the chance to apply for a pilot scheme offering the option of a placement year! If you are on the fence as to whether to go for it, just do it! The benefits of doing one definitely out weighs the fact that you will have to come back to university to complete your final year! Above all you will be earning a salary for a year and it will increase your employability prospects when you finish uni! You’ll either be offered a graduate job from the company you are working with or you will have some amazing experience to take with you to another graduate employer!

A comment from Norwich Business School:

“Starting in the 2020/21 academic year, Norwich Business School will be offering the option for students to take a professional placement year in between their second and final year of study. The business school and career centre will help students find a placement that matches both the needs of their degree and their future career plans. Our support provided over the 1st and 2nd year of their study will give them the professional and personal skills they need to secure and succeed in their placement.”

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