While many students learn through observation, we know that many others learn through action. This is the philosophy at the heart of our competitions. We aim to develop the business and real-world skills that our members will require to excel in their future careers.


Our competition programme is relatively new, with our first ever being held in 2017. Since then we’ve been nurturing and improving our existing competition, now being in a position to launch brand new opportunities in 2022/23.


The UEApprentice

The UEApprentice is a team-based competition in which students must work together to complete a business task, exceeding the standard of all other teams. This event has been run three times within the society, with each occurrence involving a different task. Scenarios in the past have been: organising a profitable and high-quality event; developing a detailed marketing plan; and sourcing and purchasing a list of items for the lowest price. 

Within each of the scenarios, a variety of key skills are tested. Depending on the scenario, students have then been expected to exercise skills in problem solving, planning, negotiating, attention to detail, and commercial awareness. Support is offered to teams, as is in-depth feedback following on from the competition, regardless of whether the team won or lost.