Academic Events

At the core of our academic programme is personal development. We understand that with ever-increasing competition in the jobs market, particularly for graduates, more than just a degree is necessary, and we seek to support our members in their career endeavors. 

Primarily, our academic events take the form of guest presentations, workshops, and Q&A sessions. We also have strong links with the Business School and UEA CareerCentral to promote a host of opportunities to our members. We are proud to be involved with the Business School’s renowned “Employability Week” each November. 


How to get an internship

Our flagship annual event is our "How to Get an Internship" talk, which we run each year during NBS's Employability Week. For this event we invite current or past UEA students to speak about their first-hand experiences of applying for internships.

The talk is structured so all aspects of the internship process are covered, from before even applying for programmes to how to maximise the benefit of the experience after completion.

Our 2019 talk filled over 100 spaces within two days, signalling the popularity of this event amongst students.